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Funding Options

The Kiwanis Pavilion has 116 subsidized long-term care rooms. Residents pay a monthly accommodation fee which is set and reviewed annually by Island Health.

Additionally, the Kiwanis Pavilion has 6 private-pay rooms available. If you cannot wait for a funded room to become available, you may wish to consider our private pay option.

Most medications are covered under Pharmacare, but some medications and medical supplies are charged to the resident.

Some residents may receive partial funding support for medication, equipment and supplies from Veterans Affairs Canada or a private extended health program.

In addition to the basic services, The Kiwanis Pavilion offers a number of optional services which require payment of additional fees. These services are provided at a cost or below market rates, and most are at the discretion of the resident and/or their power of attorney for finances. Examples of additional services include: personal clothing marking; hairdressing and barber services; bus outings; and the provision of uninsured health care services, such as custom mobility and specialized equipment, cleaning and repairs, nursing foot care, and dental hygiene services.

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